Can we just take a moment to admire the greatness that is booty? Booty has affected our culture and society in a platherau of amazing ways. How could we survive without Eon, who has been titled as the ruler of booties? Eon helped give our lives a purpose, that purpose being to ship ourselves, our friends, and Waluigi with everyone we see. Without booties how could Eon x Doom live on? Without their booties, their relationship would be unrecognized. And no one can go without cringy Eon x Doom artwork, amiright or amiright? Booty is the foundation of this comic. Without it, their might be nothing worth remembering here. Because in every single picture, there's a booty, but without that booty, life would have no meaning. Nothing would.


Eon's Edit:

Ok I don't know who the hell had the brilliant idea of making this but sir

let me tell you

this is bootyful

10/10 I approve

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