If you upload a ship, please show you are its creator

While we do not punish those who break this rule, this would be greatly appreciated, especially for new authors. Please state who you are when posting, either through a comment, signing the page, or any other way that would help us identify your ships from someone elses.

No spamming

While this is not punishable as well, it comes off as both annoying, rude, and immature. Yes, we understand you want people to see your ship, but please do not resort to spamming to gain attention. It causes many other great ships to be be missed or unnoticed by your fellow shippers, and that is definitely something we'd like to avoid. The same applies to mass posting as well. While new ships are great, please avoid posting them all at once. Breaking this rule multiple times will result in losing your ability to post pages temporarly, and may result in a ban if continued.

Please post only ships or ship related work

This place is called SS Ships for a reason. It is for SHIPS, nothing else. Please post non-ship art elsewhere. Anything non-ship related will be deleted, so please, do not waste your time or ours. Repeated violations of this work will result in losing the ability to post, and could easily result in a ban.

Nothing over PG-13 is allowed

Look, there are children who read this. We do not allow any sort of adult or sexual content here. Period. Any material that is such will be deleted instantly. Continuous breaching of this will result in a ban. Keep that stuff to yourself.

No advertising

This is just a given. We understand the desire of wanting people to see/read your work, but people come here for ships, not that. Resist it, and just be patient, people will find and enjoy your work if you truly put your heart into it! Plus, advertising just comes off as rude and/or annoying. And it doesn't even work half the time. Seriously.

No rude comments/harassment

... This doesn't need to be explained. There is very little reason for this sort of behavior. This is a safe and friendly place to post ships. Let it remain that way. And if you seriously have to leave critism, make it constructive.

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